SAN FRANCISCO — Energica Motor Company Inc., the exclusive distributor for Energica Motor Company SpA, the Italian manufacturer of high-performing electric motorcycles, is strengthening its presence on the American territory: new commercial agreements were just signed in California, Florida and New Hampshire.

enerica logo“Our Company has been investing in the United States from the beginning,” says Stefano Benatti, Energica Motor Company Inc. General Manager. “In just three years we managed to position the USA division, Energica Motor Company Inc., operating as USA exclusive distributor, the operational headquarters in North Carolina, that is also the head office for all the logistics and administrative management, and the Sales and Service Centre in San Francisco, the melting pot for global EV market. And now we are quickly expanding outside SF with these three new sales points.”

The new commercial agreements are involving the following dealers: Vega Motorsport Inc., in Orange County, Palm Beach Supersports in West Palm Beach and Rocket Moto in Nashua.

The Golden State has always been a fertile commercial field for Energica, while Florida is one of the three most important states in the U.S. motorcycle market, with about 40,000 registered motorcycles per year. Last but not least New Hampshire, according to a 2013 study by Phoenix Marketing International, had the eighth-highest number of millionaires per capita in US and the nation’s lowest poverty rate of all residents according to the Census Bureau.

“With these agreements, our motorcycles are now available in three areas being the key for the U.S. motorcycle market: California, Florida and the Northeastern States. We have many requests from all over the US states, and we are getting closer to our customers as fast as we can,” declares Stefano Benatti.

SOURCE Press Office Energica Motor Company